CI Facility Tour


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ADC – Florence
Hosted by Arizona Correctional Industries
Monday, April 24

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Located halfway between Phoenix and Tucson, the Arizona State Correctional Prison in Florence is the oldest facility in the Arizona system dating back to 1908. The movie Stir Crazy, starring Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, was filmed there with one current ACI employee participating in a cameo role. The offender population varies from minimum to maximum security with the following ACI operations within its boundaries.

  • The metal fabrication shop produces a wide variety of metal products and offers certifications in its powder coat and welding area. Our Solid Works drafting team creates custom designs and production drawings. Product from this facility goes not only to the Department of Corrections, but also cities and towns throughout Arizona and of course our beloved Arizona State Parks.
  • The wood shop provides custom-made furniture and cabinetry with CAD-CAM manufacturing and refurbishing services. Furniture and cabinetry is sold to the Department of Corrections and other state agencies.
  • The Florence east unit houses one of our sewing operations and the offenders there produce, towels, sheets, and wash clothes.
  • Our agricultural operations outside the secure perimeter gates produce alfalfa to feed our wild horses and burrows, along with tilapia for the Phoenix fish market. Extensive well facilities allow for growing operations to function throughout the year.
  • Our wild horse and burrow program facility, modeled after other successful CI programs in Colorado and Nevada, was built by offenders using recycled fencing and additional extensive work by our metal fabrication shop in Florence. The program has been the subject of numerous positive print articles and TV news segments, primarily focused on the impact that the program has made on the offenders’ lives. We are most proud of the fact that 51 offenders have been released from this program and so far none have returned to prison.
  • Our recycling shop in Florence sends offender clothing to a private business partner where it is ground up and formed into mattress cores that are, in turn, used in our mattresses. We also do some labeling work through a third party vendor.
  • The location of our central warehouse and transportation center, in the Florence complex with our regional headquarters, is very beneficial since there are other ACI operations nearby. While we have operations in nearly all the other state prisons, the Florence area by far has the largest concentration—the epicenter of ACI production operations.

Please come visit the Arizona Correctional Industries operations in Florence and watch our offenders and staff work to produce high-quality products and well-trained horses and burrows.