2018 Workshops


Track A
Focus on Shops

This innovative track will offer workshops with a complete focus on the inside of CI shops. Learn about the most current LEAN/Six Sigma methods to implement in your facilities and take in-depth training to better equip your staff to detect security threats and potential violence. Want to help offenders prepare for release? We have dynamic workshops to guide you through offender certifications, real-life business issues, financial planning, and more. Track A’s presenters will train staff to step out of the box, applying new techniques and methods within CI shops.

A-1: LEAN/Six Sigma Fundamentals – Part 1
A-2: LEAN/Six Sigma Fundamentals – Part 2
A-3: Growing Call Centers and Sales/Customer Support
A-4: Identifying Security Threat Groups and Violence
A-5: Career Resource Centers/Offender Certifications

Track B
Creating Strong Customer Connections

The job training cycle cannot begin without a customer. That means regardless of your title, we are all “in sales.” Track B is about forming stronger bonds with existing customers and attracing new customers that will stay with you for the long term. Sales and marketing professionals are sure to broaden their knowledge base and learn to apply their skills to Correctional Industries, and any leader from finance to operations will benefit from the concepts of customer acquisition and retention presented in these workshops.

B-1: Reigniting Your Customer Base
B-2: The Differences Between Advertising, Marketing and Branding – How to Approach Your Next Business Decision
B-3: How to Strategically Make Marketing Work for You
B-4: Successfully Driving Sales Growth in Correctional Industries
B-5: Effective Communication Styles for Sales

Track C
Reentry-Focused Performance Excellence

This track features Best Practices used throughout Correctional Industries that have been proven at the state and national levels. Attendees will discuss case studies and learn to implement practices and programming that can be used to develop or strengthen a CI’s current reentry services.

C-1: Correctional Industries – A Vision of Hope
C-2: Offenders to Entrepreneurs
C-3: Reframing the Study of Offender Labor in Prisons: a Case Study
C-4: Safety for All – From Theory to Practice (Part 1)
C-5: Safety for All – From Theory to Practice (Part 2)

Track D
Leadership and Management Principles

This track will share insights about the principles of leadership and management. Strengthen your organization through developing a positive workplace culture and by investing in your workforce. Maximize efficiencies within your organization through project management and learn how to lead through good communication, inspiration and courage.

D-1: The Leadership Challenge
D-2: Keys to Building High Performing Organizations
D-3: Visionary Leadership through Strategic Thinking
D-4: People Projects to Develop Project People
D-5: The Leadership Challenge (repeat of D-1)

Track E
Private-Sector Partnerships

Discover new ways to approach private-sector partnerships in workshops focused on strategies, tactics, funding sources, and relationship building in a range of new partnerships. Take an interactive approach to learning through shared experience from trailblazers and their exposure to new partners from other disciplines. Feedback from the audience may challenge your thinking and uncover problems, issues, concerns and obstacles CI staff and administrators encounter seeking new partners and customers.

E-1: Business Development for Joint Ventures
E-2: Establishing New Partnerships
E-3: PIECP Compliance Update
E-4: Managing Partnerships Between Correctional Industries and Institutions
E-5: Building a Successful PIE Partnership