NCIA News Archived Articles

2012 NCIA News Winter Edition

Electronic Partnerships: E-Procurement Systems and Colorado Correctional Industries


2012 NCIA News Fall Edition

Reentry Success Through Training and Technology

The Key Ingredients in Wyoming’s Reentry Efforts

Using Social Media to Publicize Reentry Success 

Indiana Offender Workforce Development Specialist Training

Colorado’s Wildland Fires Worse in State’s History

Coming Full Circle 

Building Opportunities in Colorado

Wild Horses in the Big House


2012 NCIA News Summer Edition

North Carolin’s Green Machine

Iowa Prison Industries Mitchellville Expands Green Operations

Asbestos Abatement Down Under

PortionPac Wins Statewide Award for Reducing Carbon Use

Green Collar Jobs. The Next Product Line for Correctional Industries?

Green License Plate Production

California Agencies See Value in “Green” Remanufactured Toner Cartridges


2012 NCIA News Spring Edition

Colorado Launches International Training Center

CORCRAFT’s Cost-Saving Call Center

Indiana’s PEN Products Provides World Class Services and Grows Offender Employment

World Class Customer Service Drives Pennsylvania Correctional Industries

Seven Stages to Success

Improving Customer Service by Implementing ISO Systems

Offenders Wash, Dry and Fold ‘Bras for a Cause’

Iowa Prison Industries Participates in Extreme Makeover Home Edition Episode

Regional Jail Industries Program: Connecting the Dots between Mission and the Community


2011 NCIA News Winter Edition

New Factory, New Opportunities

“Friend” Michigan State Industries on Facebook

New PIECP Project Trains Inmates to Become Certified Dental Technicians

Pennsylvania Correctional Industries Moves Forward

Get to Know the People on WY Brand Industries Facebook Page


2011 NCIA News Fall Edition

Community Collaboration as a Tool to Support Job Retention

A Collaborative interview with Jim Cosby, Tennessee Department of Correction and Patricia Weiland, TRICOR

Doug Evans, PEN Products Leader in Reentry

Reentry Success at MINNCOR

Maryland Correctional Enterprises Walks the Walk with Ex-Offender Employment

California Prison Industry Authority Participants Finding Meaningful Work

New Path, New Life Reentry Initiative

Clarence Bethea – Productive Day Programs

Tony – One Reentry Story

Sandy’s Story – A Journey to Success

NCIA’s Very Own Success Story – Nora Talley

Correctional Industries – A Working Solution


2011 NCIA News Summer Edition

More Than Just Green: Correctional Industries Sustainability Efforts Transform Prison into Centers of Social Benefits

Federal Prison Industries’ Commitment to Greening: Inside and Out

Sustainable Business Model

What Goes Around … Comes Around – Colorado Correctional Industries “Wastes” Nothing

Going Green and Finishing First

Achieving Sustainability within Correctional Industries

The Third Tier of Offender Workforce Development Training – Offender Employment Retention Specialist


2011 NCIA News Spring Edition

Building a Future with Diversity and Non-Traditional Programs

Getting Your Industry Eggs OUT of One Basket: Product and Service Development

Thriving Through the Recession and Beyond at Iowa Prison Industries

PEN Products’ New Business Model – Preparing for the Future


2010 NCIA News Winter Edition

E-mail Marketing and YouTube — How NCCE Breaks the Cycle of Crime, One E-mail or YouTube Video at a Time…A Dynamic, Data-Driven Web Site that is Still Evolving

E-Commerce is a Correctional Industries Program

Taking Advantage of New Technologies – a MINNCOR Case Study

The Right Technology Tools Increase Efficiency and Morale


2010 NCIA News Fall Edition

PEN Products Makes Re-Entry Moves

The TRICOR Experience – A Workforce Development Model in Correctional Industries

” A Chino Hand”

 Prisoners Get Ready for Work with the “Clothes Closet”

An Idea Born of Necessity – Now a Model for Success

When Jail Inmates Work – Everyone Wins