Fabrics/Textiles Buyers Guide Listing

Bruin Plastics Company Inc.
Phone: (401) 568-3081


Since 1964, Bruin Plastics has been manufacturing a diverse line of vinyl reinforced fabrics. Our fabrics are ideally suited for mattress ticking, high visibility safety vests, banners and all types of protective covers, including gym mats. They feature flame retardancy, … Continue reading

Phone: (616) 698-2800


Burch Fabrics is a proud producer and distributor of high performance upholstery, Crypton, polyurethane, vinyl, vertical surface and earth friendly fabrics.  With over a century of providing exceptional service we look forward to being a comprehensive resource for your organization’s … Continue reading

DAF Products Inc.
Phone: (201) 251-1222


DAF Products, Inc. is a design originator and high quality manufacturer of Flexible Laminated Films and Various Coated Fabrics. Product applications include: mattresses, pads, cushions, pillows, shower/privacy curtains, cart covers, protective covers, tents and structures, and many more. Our versatile … Continue reading

Douglass Industries, Inc.
Phone: (609) 965-6030


Douglass has been a primary source to Correctional Industries for over 40 years.  We manufacture and distribute fine quality woven upholstery, cryptons, vinyl/urethanes, and panel fabrics.  A dedicated inventory allows us to ship over 95% of our orders the same … Continue reading

Herculite Products, Inc.
Phone: (800) 772-0036


Herculite is a worldwide leader and manufacturer of the #1 selling healthcare fabric – Sure-Chek. Sure-Chek healthcare applications include healthcare mattresses and pillows, operating room and stretcher cushioning, seating systems, cubical and shower curtains and correctional mattresses.

Spec-Tex, Inc.
Phone: (954) 796-7641


Spec-tex, Inc. produces and distributes a wide variety of specialty and commodity textiles designed for the correctional, healthcare and dormitory markets and has become the leading supplier to Federal and State Correctional Industries for mattress and pillow covering materials. We … Continue reading

Aptan Corporation
Phone: (213) 748-5271

Burlington Industries
Phone: (336) 379-2698

C.F. Stinson, LLC
Phone: (800) 841-6279

ChemTick Coated Fabrics Inc.
Phone: (516) 997-0900

Evelyn Earnest, Inc.
Phone: (336) 627-0170

Fabric Supply Inc.
Phone: (612) 588-0715

Mayer Fabrics
Phone: (317) 267-2626

Phone: (864) 503-2966

Parisian Knitting Mills Ltd.
Phone: (514) 500-3747

Tabb Textile Company Inc.
Phone: (334) 745-6762

United Fabrics Inc.
Phone: (856) 665-2040