The following news stories featured NCIA Members!

From Prison to Farm: Offender Program in Wisconsin

Making the Most of a Second Chance After Nearly Two Decades in Prison

Caledonia: Where Offenders Have Grown Their Food for 125 Years

Women at NH Correctional Facility to Transcribe Textbooks to Braille

What It’s Like at San Quentin’s Coding School

Behind Prison Walls: Fab Futures Ahead

Offenders Discover a Purpose for Their Lives in the Prison Shops

Oklahoma Offenders Preserve Mineola History

Buy Local? Hawaii Prison Program Sells Offender-Made Items to Public

Helping Hand

Braille a Pathway for NC Offenders

Horse Whisperer Tames Wild Hearts at Arizona Prison

Crafting a Future

Prison Industries Prepare Offenders for Working World

24 Offenders Receive Their Diplomas

Ceremony Commemorates Decade of Indiana Offender Apprenticeship Program

The CellHouse Breaks out on Main Street

New Hampshire Has Some Talented Offenders

San Quentin Coders Get Visit from White House

Montana Prison Program Rehabs Offenders through Business

Sen. Cory Gardner visits Colorado Correctional Industries

Prison Workers Donate to Food Bank

Iowa Prison Industries Helps Hancher Auditorium with New Uniforms

The Pacific Institute Publishes Whitepaper on Montana DOC Reentry Programs

Graduation Day: Offenders Celebrate Completion of Education and Apprenticeships

County’s ‘Clean Start’ Program Helps Former Offenders Iron out Their Mistakes

Building Success Through Job Training at Folsom Women’s Facility

Prison Industries Program Builds Offenders’ Skills Before Release

Business Behind Bars: A Look at the Work Being Done by Inmates Inside NH’s State Prison

Washington State University Publishes Study on Correctional Industries

Dear Sir, Can You Come Back to the Big House?

Offenders Transcribe Books into Braille

The Braille Trail: Inside the Push to Restore Literacy for the Blind

New Integrated Substance Abuse Treatment Program Launched by CALPIA and CDCR

Hawaii Offenders Learn Skills in Correctional Industries Program

Indiana Setting the Bar for Teaching Offenders Job Skills

San Quentin High-tech Incubator Forges Coders, Entrepreneurs

Prison Program Trains Female Offenders for Professional Careers

Montana Prison Considering Computer Programming Training for Inmates

Zuckerberg Gives Thumbs Up to San Quentin’s Rehabilitation Efforts

NPR Story Features Correctional Industries

Ever Wonder Who Makes Those Big Highway Signs?

ISU Student Designs Uniforms for Iowa Offenders

The Today Show Features CALPIA’s San Quentin Coding Program

Offenders Help Build Wetland On Poplar Island

Lafayette Parish Jail Offenders Learning Skills—and Local Officials Save Money—Through LAPCORR Enterprise

“Outside the Fence,” Offenders Learn Ranching—and Responsibility

Crafts Come to Hawaii’s Prisons

Forest Service Uses Offender Labor to Demolish Building in Wilderness

This Illinois Ex-Offender Says Prison Actually Gave Him a Second Chance at Life

California Offenders to get Jobs as Programmers

Program has Inmates Training Horses Destined for the Border Patrol

MDOC Releases “No Idle Hands” – A First-Ever, Comprehensive Video

Woodshop Gives Offenders a Second Chance

Handcrafted Furniture, Home Items Made by Hawaii Prisoners

Utah Correctional Industries Achieves Quality Benchmark

Inmate-Crafted Firefighting Suits ‘Help Save Lives’ in More Ways Than One

California Prison Industry Authority Provides Economic Benefit of $375 Million to the State

Correctional Industries Prepares Inmates for Jobs

Black Friday Special: Prison Handicrafts

From Prisoners To Programmers — San Quentin Inmates Are Learning How To Code

Fish and Game: Quail Hunting at Angola

California Foodways: Prison Dairy Gives Job Training, Pride to Inmate Workers

Inmates learn life skills while being locked up

Overstock sale showcases products made by NC inmates

State Spotlights Prison Made Items

Inmates build Heavy-duty Beds to help Homeless Shelter

State fair wants to be greenest in the country

Rehabilitation Program Pairs Prisoners With Wild Horses: ‘It’s Life Changing’

Prison dairy lifts inmates out of the herd

SC inmates sew seeds of freedom and economics

ISU design students collaborate with Iowa Prison Industries

New computer design program offers Folsom female inmates job-skill training

Female Inmates at Folsom Prison Offered Hi-Tech Training

Female Folsom Prison Inmates Given Opportunity for Rehabilitation

Tech Training Center at Folsom State Prison

Female Inmates At Folsom Prison Getting High-Tech Training

Female prisoners to get C.A.D. training

S.C. inmates work for public, private sectors

Correctional Industries Crafts Hundreds of Bags Uniquely Designed for West Virginia Foster Children

Inmates make dentures for patients at safety net clinics

Inmates’ good deeds benefit Kansas women, children

Dover High yearbooks get digitized 

IDOC/ICI Staff and Inmates Continue Volunteer Relief Efforts

Local inmates make soap for typhoon relief effort

Easter Seals Iowa’s Camp Sunnyside celebrates finish of two cabins

Inmates Raising Birds, Bison and Sheep

Finding Life Anew Behind Bars

From Felon to Farm to Table

CALPIA Female Participants Survey Memorial Site in Sacramento

Arizona inmates take to the stables to train wild horses

Correctional Industries to take over recycling at state fair

Prison Jobs Have Multiple Benefits

Highlight: Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Repair Program

Correctional Furniture: Why Hfs’ New Furniture Is Made By Prisoners, And Why That’s A Good Thing

Inmates Battling Wildfires in State

Made with Conviction: The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey

Sedona Commuter Bus Shelter Installed

Work programs for Texas inmates go high-tech

Inmates aid park renovation

Inmate Divers Earn Respect and Support

State dips its toe in ‘Lean’ process

Greene County Correctional Facility sees new call center

It’s a license to celebrate

Sykesville Inmates Wash, Dry and Fold ‘Bras for a Cause’

Iowa Prison Industries Builds and Donates Dressers

Jailhouse Jobs Prepare Inmates for Release

Iowa prison inmates making more than license plates

Oklahoma Correctional Industries poised for growth after setbacks

Prisoners build business center for Iowa City Ronald McDonald House

Pitt encourages for prison inmates to improve their lives and help someone

State prisons follow businesses by going ‘lean’

WA prison inmate apple pickers picking up speed

KCI provides job opportunities to inmates

State prison inmates learn trade, earn wages making shoes

IN DOC Offenders recycle plastic by the ton

Playhouse raffle to benefit Make-A-Wish

MINNCOR Industries is proud to announce the release of their new website design with many technology improvements

New Internet Resource for California’s Joint Venture Program

Corrections industries in new business

Colorado inmates building custom motorcycles

Controversial Gravestones Could be Replaced by Inmates

Con Divers

Wyoming Prisoner Finds Purpose in Translating Sheet Music into Braille Notation

Inmates now Making Furniture, Sewing Flags

Enlisting Prison Labor to Close Budget Gaps

Inmates Could be Part of NTTA Toll Billing

Help with the Move

Inmates Learn Valuable Skills as Prison Bakers

IDOT Rolls Out the Rain Barrels

No money, no problem: Use prisoners to repair state parks