“Friend” Michigan State Industries on Facebook


“Friend” Michigan State Industries on Facebook:
By Tijauana S. White, Marketing Specialist, Michigan State Industries

MONEYBALL” is a biographical sports film starring Brad Pitt and based on the book of the same name by Michael Lewis. It is about Billy Beane the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team who needed to a way to find players and achieve success with limited resources and finances. Rather than using conventional means Billy zeros in on computer technology to fill his roster. Convincing others of this methodology was not easy, but eventually the A’s went on to win 20 consecutive games and set an American League Record.

Now you probably don’t have limited resources and finances, narrow markets, and harsheconomic conditions like Michigan – but “hey” – if you do, maybe we can share some information about our “Moneyball” approach to technology and how we began to lead our department in “Social Networking”

In 2010 Michigan State Industries formed a team of folks to determine how use our own computer generated tools to market our products and services and communicate to our current and prospective customers. Michigan State Industries made the decision to join the social network Community on Facebook .

“Community” is the catchphrase which is connected to the Internet for a long time and today many use social services. The social media concept surfaced from our team brainstorming session on “Communication-Best Practices”. MSI decided that using social media would not only increase reliability and build its image, but effectively increase revenues and the number of customers.

The opportunity to engage in social networking was offered to MSI through the State of Michigan information technology department. State agencies were encouraged to create profiles using Facebook’s “Pages. A Facebook Page is a public profile that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users. A business category is selected which best fits your organization. MSI is located under the “Government Organizations” category. Pages offered ways to define our target audience and reach customers based on demographics such as age,location, interests, non-profit organizations, and more.

MSI hit upon the following strategies to move forward with creating a business profile:

  • The Page must represent MSI’s products and mission.
  • Post regularly to develop deeper relationships with our customers.
  • Expand our reach by posting a link on our website, flyers, business cards, ect.
  • Set goals to shape Page posts and ensure they are useful and relevant
  • Create ads that focus and target the appropriate audience

In today’s society it appears that having a simple website is no longer enough. Research has shown that social networking provides an avenue for businesses to market their products as well as their services, contract new customers, and maintain their current customer base in order to succeed. As we all know, marketing and advertising is the key to any business success. This allbegan with direct selling, evolved into advertisements with flyers, posters, then emails, websites, and now electronic ads on social networking sites. Targeting the appropriate customers is the best way to anticipate and meet the needs of those customers. Next steps are implementing Twitter; ISSUU;  and iContact.

So Like us on Facebook, and create your own sales and marketing “Moneyball” success.