Educational Workshop Tracks

Educational Workshop Tracks

Track A – Ready, Set, Go! The Ever Changing Roles in Leadership and Management
Are you constantly being asked to perform magic or fill roles that you are not prepared to fill? As we are asked to do more with the same or less resources, it is essential we review our current practices and look for new insights. The Leadership and Management workshops will allow you to become familiar with concepts that are working for other industries programs and provide additional information on utilizing a diverse workforce. Today’s workforce crosses six generations with varying values and needs in an ever-changing world. As always, our workforce is still the most important asset for all correctional industries programs. As leaders, we need to be able to bring out the best in our workforce.

A-1: Understanding the Essentials of Leadership
A-2: Effectively Managing Personal and Organizational Change
A-3: Training Offenders to Participate in the Concepts of Lean Six Sigma
A-4: Correctional Coaching™ – The Art of Transitioning Knowledge into Practice
A-5: Roundtable: Handling Change in the Workplace and a Multi-generational Workforce

Track B – Re-energize, Maximize and Grow Your Opportunities in Sales, Marketing and Business Development
Everyone is actually a Sales Representative for their individual organization.  This track, developed for all levels of CI staff, is a must for advancing your organization’s bottom line and building for future growth.  Participants will explore a cohesive approach to developing inmate work opportunities through business development concepts and strategies. Participate in a three-workshop series led by brand strategy experts to brand and strengthen your business.  And finally, participants will exchange ideas on sales, marketing and partnership development in a round table discussion.

B-1: The Private Sector’s Success Strategies in Working with Correctional Industries
B-2: Benchmarking and Trend Analysis
B-3: The Brand Promise and Architecture
B-4: Launching Campaigns and Measuring Return on Investment
B-5: Roundtable: Program and Partnership Development

Track C – Staying Ahead of the Curve in Business Operations & Solutions
Looking for methods to improve your business operations?  You’ve come to the right track.  Join us for a three-part simulated Lean Manufacturing workshop and be ready to implement Lean in your own shops at the conclusion.  In addition, get up to speed on Prison Entrepreneurship Programs and see how they can work for your state.  Last, but not least, we will present a roundtable discussion on PIE and Service programs … what works and what doesn’t. This is your chance to speak to the experts and get the answers you need to operate your private sector partnerships.

C-1: Removing the Production Pile-Up with Lean Enterprises – Part 1
C-2: Removing the Production Pile-Up with Lean Enterprises – Part 2
C-3: Removing the Production Pile-Up with Lean Enterprises – Part 3
C-4: Entrepreneurship: Catalyst for Successful Reentry
C-5: Roundtable:  Business Operations & Solutions with a Focus on PIE

Track D – Innovation in Correctional Industries Products, Services and Preparation of Offenders for Reentry
In today’s criminal justice, workforce development and business climate, it is critical that Correctional Industries demonstrate their leadership and expertise, integrate best practices and develop people in offering products and services that meet the needs of customers, including the development of offenders for successful reentry. These innovative practices may take place in the jail, in the prison system, or in the community. Join these professionals to learn how to influence change by raising the standards of how Correctional Industries does business.

D-1: Help Me Get a Job: Addressing the Needs of Special Populations
D-2: Changing Minds … Changing Behaviors
D-3: Offender Employment Retention: A Conversation for the Experts
D-4: Roundtable: Print/Quick Copy Best Practices with Industry Experts
D-5: Roundtable: Jail Industries & Work Programs