Enterprise 2012 Exhibitors

Thank you to this year’s Exhibitors at NCIA’s Enterprise 2012 National Training Conference. We thank you for your continued support of NCIA!

3M 3m.com/tss
A.C. Furniture Company, Inc. www.acfurniture.com
American Jails Association www.aja.org
Aquawing Ozone Disinfection Systems www.aquawingozone.com
Bay Product www.bayproductdevelopment.com
Bodek and Rhodes www.bodekandrhodes.com
Braun www.gabraun.com
Brookwood Companies, Inc. www.brookwoodcompanies.com
Bruin Plastics Company Inc. www.bruinplastics.com
Brulin and Company, Inc. www.brulin.com
C.P. Bourg Inc. www.cpbourg.com
California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) www.calpia.ca.gov
Capri Optics www.caprioptics.com
CFS, A Dauphin Company www.dauphin.com
ChemTick Coated Fabrics Inc. www.chemtick.com
Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc. www.chestnutridgefoam.com
Coast to Coast Leather and Vinyl www.coast2coastleather.com
Coats North America www.coats.com
Coburn Technologies www.coburntechnologies.com
Cortech USA www.cortechusa.com
DCI, Inc. www.dcifurn.com
Douglass Industries, Inc. www.dougind.com
Ergonomic Comfort Design, Inc. www.ecoonline.net
Fulterer USA www.fultererusa.com
Global Shop Solutions www.globalshopsolutions.com
Gojo Industries, Inc. www.gojo.com
Green Office Now www.greenofficenow.com
Hafele America Company www.hafele.com
Idaho Correctional Industries www.ci.idaho.gov
IGC Solutions www.hickorysprings.com
Indiana Chair Frame www.icfnet.com
Ivars USA www.ivarsusa.com
J. Tech Sales, L.L.C. www.jtechsales.com
John R. Wald, Inc. www.johnrwald.com
Keefe Group www.keefegroup.com
Komar Alliance LLC www.komar.com
Life Skills Education www.lifeskillsed.com
Light Corporation www.lightcorp.com
Mayer Fabrics www.mayerfabrics.com
Mid-State Services, Inc. www.buyjail.com
Momentum Group www.memosamples.com
National Institute of Corrections www.nicic.gov
Nightingale Corporation www.nightingalechairs.com
Norix Group, Inc. www.norix.com
OEI www.oei-inc.com
Parisian Knitting Mills LTD. www.parisian-knitting.com
Parkland Plastics www.parklandplastics.com
Plascon Work Programs www.plascongroup.com
PortionPac Chemical Corporation www.portionpaccorp.com
Quality Metals, Inc. www.qualitymetalsinc.com
Raytex Industries www.raytexindustries.com
Sensory Effects www.sensoryeffects.com
Sonoma Leadership Systems www.sonomaleadership.com
Spec-Tex, Inc. www.spectexinc.com
Symed Corporation http://symedcorporation.com
Union Supply Group www.unionsupply.com
Utsch www.utsch.com
VIA, Inc. www.viaseating.com
Washington State Correctional Industries www.washingtonci.com
Xante Corporation www.xante.com
Xerox Corporation www.xerox.com