Enterprise 2012 Recap Correctional Industries Facility Tour

Correctional Industries Facility Tour – Folsom State Prison


On April 4th, the NCIA’s Enterprise 2012 Conference came to a close with a tour of Folsom State Prison provided by California Prison Industry Authority staff.  Sixty-seven industry professionals, vendors, and foreign guests took part in the tour of a cellblock, cafeteria, hanging chamber (no longer used), medical processing facilities, the main yard, and showers before moving on to CALPIA factories inside the prison. 

The group saw a variety of CALPIA’s line of Folsom produced goods being made, including custom metal fabrication, license plates, toner cartridge remanufacturing, printing, sign making, Braille transcription, eyeglass refurbishing, tactile maps, and modular buildings.

Folsom State Prison is located 20 miles northeast from Sacramento and is the second-oldest prison in the State of California after San Quentin State Prison.  It opened in 1880 and was the first prison in the world to have electric power.   The quarry at Folsom provided granite for the foundation of the state capitol building, as well as much of the gravel used in the early construction of California’s roads.  Johnny Cash performed live concerts at the prison in 1966 and 1968.  

Designed to hold 2,469 offenders, Folsom reached its peak population level in 2009 with 4,427 offenders.  As of March, 2012, the facility’s total population was 2,912.

Folsom State Prison Warden Rick Hill met the group for lunch at CALPIA’s Modular Building enterprise facilities to answer questions and thank the attendees for participating in the tour.