Opening Session Keynote Speaker

Opening Session Keynote Speaker – Coach Micheal Burt
Sunday, March 24, 2013, 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

“Have you ever been to something that made you laugh, cry, think, reflect, and inspired you to immediately MOVE when you returned to your office? This is what happens when Coach Burt starts COACHING. As a former championship coach, he’s been described to be a mix with the energy of a “Zig Ziglar” and the deep methodology of a “Stephen Covey.” It will be engaging, powerful and informative, and speak to all parts of your people’s nature. It will ATTRACT the right talent to you, and position your organization as the organization that adds tremendous value to your people and leaves them wanting more!”

Former Championship Basketball Coach Micheal Burt has become a “go to guy” within companies and organizations who want to grow fast. His unique background which blends his coaching acumen with his deep business savvy has made him a leadership coach to organizations ranging from small entrepreneurial companies to multi-million and multi-billion dollar in revenue. As a coach, Burt produced seven consecutive 20+ win seasons, four conference titles, three sub-state appearances, and one state championship. All of this was done before Coach Burt was 31 years old.

Since leaving the athletic coaching world, Coach Burt has been hired by companies ranging from Dell Computers, National Health Care, First Bank, Vanderbilt University, American Home Design, and numerous real estate and home builders around the country to revive their companies and drive serious results. His methodology consistently drives 40-50% growth in one year cycles by adding a coach and his proven system of moving groups of people and driving customers through a unique relationship selling model.

Don’t miss this exciting, dynamic, motivational Keynote Address that is sure to move you to action upon your return from the conference!