National Training Conference Workshop Presentations


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NCIA’s National Training Conference offers informative and cutting-edge professional development for its attendees. PowerPoint Presentations for some of the workshops from past conferences are provided below.


Track A
Foundations of Financial Sustainability

A-1: Building Financial Intelligence
A-2: Promoting Your CI’s Impact
A-3: Building Financial Intelligence (repeat of A-1)
A-4: Building a Culture of Quality Customer Service
A-5: Promoting Your CI’s Impact (repeat of A-2)

Track B
Reentry Success: Building From Within

B-1: Practicing What We Preach From The Inside Out
B-2: Crafting Seamless Transitions
B-3: Caught In The Web Of Criminal Thinking: Addressing Thinking Patterns
B-4: Understanding The 16 Habits Of Mind
B-5: Developing Quality Post-Release Employment And Retention Services

Track C
Organizational Culture And The Emergence Of Evidence-Based Programming

C-1: Criminal Justice – What Works
C-2: How Research Informs Decision Making
C-3: Why Work While Incarcerated? Inmate Perceptions on Prison Industry Employment
C-4: The Relationship Between Employment and Recidivism: A Review of the Evidence
C-5: Shaping CI Organizational Culture

Track D
Replicating Private Industry Environment

D-1: Correctional Industries: Build Them Stronger
D-2: Finding New Public/Private Partners
D-3: Bringing The Outside World To Prison
D-4: PIE Strategies: How To Make Them Work For You
D-5: Inmate Tracking: The Missing Link



Building the Foundation

Investing in Your Assets

Equipping Offenders

Strengthening Opportunities

Achieving Reentry Success



Leadership and Management: Coaching a Championship Correctional Industries Team

You Can Lead a Horse to Water but You Can’t Make Him Juggle Bowling Balls

Leading in Times of Adversity

Leading a Jail Industry Program through the Development Process

Sales, Marketing & Business Development: Changing with the Times-It’s Not the Same Old Ballgame 

The Impact of Technology on Correctional Industries Sales and Marketing Efforts

Customer Service – It’s About More than Just Answering the Phone

Innovative Marketing and Sales Strategies to Successfully Grow Your Correctional Industries Program and Profitability

Building High Performance and Dynamic Teams

Roundtable Discussion on New Business Development for PIE Partners

Business Operations and Solutions: Improving and Innovating to Drive Correctional Industry Success

Introduction to Lean Fundamentals and Program Deployment

Startup and Run a Successful Braille Program

PIECP Compliance Solutions – Staying on Top of the Nine Mandatory Criteria

Correctional Industries Partnering with Correctional Industries

Successful Food Programs Created by Innovative Partnerships between Departments of Correction and Correctional Industries

Best Practices in Correctional Industries and Reentry

Best Practices in Integrating Reentry Programs in Your Everyday CI Operations

What Can ACA Accreditation Do for You?

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