Workshop Tracks


Are Your Leaders Ready?   Leadership and Management
Track Chair:  Chuck Pattillo, CALPIA
Are Your Leaders Ready?  The Leadership Challenge© – an Overview. This track will focus on the development of leaders at all levels, from entry to executive levels. Each of the five workshops will be motivating, interactive and provide tools for becoming a more effective leader.  Don’t miss this golden opportunity!
A-1:     Model the Way© – Who Am I, and What Is Important to Me?
A-2:     Inspire a Shared Vision© – Where Are We Going, and Why Should I Follow?
A-3:     Challenge the Process© – We Have Always Done It That Way! Can We Do Better?
A-4:     Enable Others to Act© – How Do We Help Our Staff Improve and Stay Engaged?
A-5:     Encourage the Heart© – Why Is It Important to Recognize Employee Efforts?

Solving your Operational Issues Using Lean, Website Development, Branding and Sales and Marketing
Track Chair:        Danielle Wiles, Washington State Correctional Industries
We are all looking for solutions to improve our business operations.  These exciting and informative workshops will provide participants with relevant technical information and best practices on implementing LEAN, developing effective websites, the benefits of branding and improved sales and marketing efforts.
B-1:     Crafting a Compelling Website
B-2:     The Benefits of Branding
B-3:     LEAN Leadership
B-4:     LEAN Six Sigma
B-5:     Sales & Marketing

Finding the Golden Opportunities for Reentry in Correctional Industries
Track Chair:  Paul Baum, CALPIA
This track reveals the golden opportunities within Correctional Industries as the leaders in providing reentry.  Even in hard economic times Correctional Industries across the nation are providing evidence-based, offender workforce-focused reentry programs without increases to their budget.  Participants will receive a gold mine of knowledge, experience, tools and resources that have been introduced, implemented and proven successful in Wyoming, Minnesota, Indiana, California, and Nevada’s Correctional Industries’ daily operations.
C-1:     Cost-Effective Ways to Enhance Reentry Initiatives
C-2:     An Offender Reentry Model Proven to Reduce Recidivism
C-3:    Innovative Reentry inside Today’s Correctional Industries
C-4:     From Intake to Release:  Reentry Services through Offender Development Programs
C-5:     Roundtable:  Discovering the Gold in Your Correctional Industries

Jail Work Programs: Bridges to the Community
Track Chair:        Dean Mason, Washington State Jail Industries Board
We have all said it before; sometimes people just fall through the cracks.  Releasing from jail and returning to the community may seem as simple as stepping out of the jail door and onto the street, but for many ex-offenders the cracks are right there and the chance of a fall is imminent.  Jail Industries and Work Programs can provide bridges to get people over the cracks, but every bridge has to be anchored on two sides.  The workshops in this track will provide participants with information to not only develop successful jail work programs, but also the ability to connect their bridge to the programs, services and employment in the community that are necessary for a successful transition.
D-1: Industry and Reentry: One Louisiana Sheriff’s Office Efforts
D-2: Offender Workforce Development in Utah County
D-3: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department: Community Transition Reentry Center
D-4: Marion County Sheriff’s Office: Work Release Center: An Inmate Program that Instills Valuable Job and Life Skills
D-5: National Institute of Corrections’ Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) Initiative