NCIA 2018 Annual Awards

NCIA 2018 Annual Awards
Celebrating the Achievements of our Colleagues
Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel
Reception: 6:45 PM – 7:30 PM
Awards Banquet: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Every year, NCIA makes a special effort to acknowledge individuals whose extraordinary skill and leadership in their respective programs improve Correctional Industries as a whole. Join your fellow CI professionals in recognizing the 2018 award winners for all their hard work and celebrate their achievements at the NCIA Awards Banquet.*

Congratulations to this year’s NCIA award winners! 

  • Rodli Award: Karen Brown (NC)
  • Performance Excellence Award: Oregon Corrections Enterprises
  • National Staff Award: Mark Kilgore (LA)
  • Staff Award, Southeast Region: Dennis Cyphers (VA)
  • Staff Award, Western Region: John O’Donnell (MT)
  • Staff Award, Northeast Region: Timothy Boynton (CT)
  • Staff Award, South Central Region: Mark Kilgore (LA)
  • Staff Award, Central Region: Michael Goveronski (MN)
  • Jail Industries Staff Award: Jared Yashar (Lafayette Parish, LA)

Honor Roll

  • Central
    Sandy Bunce (IA)
    Michael Goveronski (MN)**
    Chad Guthrie (MI)
    Phillip Kussman (WI)
    Christopher Melvin (IL)
    Michael Parker (IN)
    Shawn Whitecotton (FPI)
  • South Central
    Cynthia Cotton (FPI)
    Mark Kilgore (LA)***
    Robert B. Scott (KS)
    Jimmy Wyatt (TX)
  • Southeast
    Hershel Adkins (KY)
    Stacy Boyett (FPI)
    Joel Brelsford (AL)
    Dennis Cyphers (VA)**
    Randy Fisher (FL)
    Kristin Jones (NC)
    Vickie Langston (GA)
    Molly McIntosh (TN)
  • West
    Tom Brown (AZ)
    Paula Daniely (FPI)
    Ben Noid (OR)
    John O’Donnell (MT)**
    James Trogden (WA)
  • Northeast
    Timothy Boynton (CT)**
    Ryan Fletcher (VT)
    John Motyka (FPI)
    Stephen Sanders (MD)

*Not all award categories may be announced. Please see the 2018
Conference Program Book for a list of award categories and winners. 
**2018 Regional Staff Award Recipients
*** 2018 National Staff Award Recipient