Tenille Davis – PEN Products Ex-Offender Succeeding on the Outside!


Tenille Davis – PEN Products Ex-Offender Succeeding on the Outside!
By: Becky Deeb, PIO/PIECP Manager, PEN Products

Tenille Davis earned her Associate’s Degree in Medical Records Technology in 1999. She completed an internship at Community Hospital and upon her graduation obtained full time employment at the hospital. She had previously worked as a shipping and receiving clerk at a local distribution center for three years as well as a car dealership for a year.

Tenille Davis

In 2005, Tenille was convicted of a Class B Felony, Dealing Cocaine. She received a twelve year sentence and served two years with Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC), one year of home detention, and currently Ms. Davis is serving six years on probation for her past mistakes.

While incarcerated she enrolled in the CLIFF Program (Clean Lifestyle Is Freedom Forever). The CLIFF Program is an eight month intense substance abuse program. After completing the program she decided to stay and facilitate her own group, giving back to others what she had learned. She attended three AA/NA meetings per week, was active in the twelve step program, mentored other addicts, had outside support including a sponsor and continued facilitating other groups as well. She also voluntarily completed the following courses: Thinking for a Change, Parenting, Re-Entry Classes and other recovery and faith based courses through the mail. After the CLIFF Program, she was transferred to a minimum security facility for a short time and then went on to an IDOC Work Release Center.

While at work release, her counselor reviewed her past clerical experience and knew that the PEN Products Accounting Department would be a good opportunity. Tenille started working at PEN Products Central Office in Indianapolis in September 2008. She learned a lot while working there and was able to gain back her self-esteem due to the guilt and shame of her past mistakes. She was able to continue working for PEN Products after her incarceration due to her willingness and ability to go above and beyond PEN Products’ expectations and her release to home detention on December 24, 2008. She continued working in PEN Products’ accounting department with duties including posting accounts payable and receivable, vendor customer service and research, team lead for clerks, special project database, and fill in/relief receptionist.

During her employment at PEN Products, Tenille Davis was a part of the U.S.  Department of Labor Apprenticeship program and worked closely with PEN Products’ Job Placement Specialist, LisadWilliams. Ms. Davis was able to develop a good resume to look for other employment. She also took part in speeches, interviews, tours and sharing her success during and after her incarceration. She put out nearly 100 applications and resumes and went to at least 25 job interviews … getting turned down every time due to her felony. However, Tenille did not give up!

Tenille kept a resume portfolio in her car and was prepared at all times for applying for jobs. Her portfolio consisted of letters of recommendation, certifications, resumes and cover letters. Tenille’s tenacity, preparedness and networking was what ultimately paid off.

“I felt like giving up numerous times. However, the tools I learned in the CLIFF program and through the encouragement of my wonderful support system, especially my co-workers at PEN Products, I was able to move on and finally land a great job as a Leasing Consultant in July 2009,” states Tenille. She has been with the same company for two years and is now a Multi-Site Property Manager.

Tenille Davis endured many challenges and still runs into challenges every day. She currently attends church and NA meetings. She is staying active in her recovery by sponsoring a woman that is early in her recovery. Tenille is able to give her encouragement every day to move forward through the terrific battle of addiction. Tenille’s positive attitude and determination, a great support system and reaching out for help have added to her success. Tenille is handling the stresses of a busy job, raising a teenage son, and meeting financial obligations. Through her current successes and her acquired coping skills, Tenille is an ex-offender that is truly succeeding on the outside!