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Michael J. Moore – Rodli Award


Nomination by Brenda Chandler, Vice President, MINNCOR Industries (MN)
It is my sincere pleasure and great honor to nominate my colleague and friend, Michael Moore, Director of Louisiana Prison Enterprises, for the esteemed 2019 Rodli Award. I have served alongside Michael Moore on the NCIA Executive Committee for the last two years and have been impressed by his passion, attention to detail, and dedication to NCIA and Correctional Industries. Michael served as NCIA Treasurer from 2017-2018 during which time he overhauled NCIA’s Investment Policy and worked with NCIA’s financial adviser to significantly improve investment performance, enhancing NCIA’s financial growth and stability as an organization. He took his role as treasurer extremely seriously, providing the rest of us great confidence in his stewardship and impressing us with his knowledge of NCIA’s financial picture. He dedicated countless hours on this and other critical NCIA issues. There is no one that is better prepared for a meeting or a committee call than Michael Moore. I learned quickly that if you ask Michael Moore to serve on a committee, you can expect some serious input and analysis, as well as grammatical review—he truly is one of the best committee members with whom I have served.

Prior to his tenure as Treasurer, Michael served as Regional Appointee for the South Central Region from 2013-2016. He also has been a member on the NCIA Program Development, Awards and Audit Committees, in addition to serving as Chairman of the 2014 and 2015 Audit Committees.

Now to Michael’s ‘real job’… Michael has been with Louisiana Prison Enterprises for 25 years. He holds a B.S. in Accounting from LSU and a Louisiana CPA Certificate. He began his career in 1993 as Accounting Supervisor and then moved on to Chief Accountant. He was charged with improving and clarifying accounting methods, working with auditors to resolve issues. He was promoted to Administrative Director where he was responsible for oversight of all Administrative/Business operations for 10 years. Promoted to Deputy Director in 2008 and ultimately to Director in 2009, Michael currently manages a staff of 72 LPE employees.

Michael Moore has faced many challenges during his tenure, such as increasing budget cuts to the DOC and state agencies, loss of positions, loss of facilities, fluctuating raw material and agriculture markets, and much more, but has always managed to lead the organization to success. He has guided his staff through major events such as multiple hurricanes, affecting production and staff, as well as the 2016 Flood, which shut down the women’s facility and in turn LPE’s garment plant. Michael worked with the neighboring men’s facility and with the help of the warden, was able to open a smaller scale facility to maintain some level of production. He oversaw the major undertaking of relocating LPE’s headquarters last year, due to the construction of a new State facility in the former location. This move required the renovation of an older building that is in the same complex as the Department of Corrections Headquarters. As you can imagine, this was a major undertaking and Michael was there to instruct staff and give guidance along the way.

Other major accomplishments for LPE during his tenure include:

  • Implementation of a Canteen Package Program (including construction of the warehouse where it is housed)

  • Implementation of Certified Treatment and Rehabilitation Program (CTRP) credits for offenders employed in skilled trades

  • Implementation of an Apprenticeship Program for Offenders

Michael Moore is committed to fulfilling the missions of both the Department of Corrections and Prison Enterprises. In order to ensure his organization’s continued success, he contains costs while seeking new ways to do business. He earned an extensive knowledge of Correctional Industries during his twenty-five years in corrections, and with his background in accounting, he is able to assess the financial viability of new operations and proposed products and determine if they will contribute to Prison Enterprises’ success.

While his dedication to NCIA and his strategic leadership as director of Louisiana Prison Enterprises make him more than qualified, Michael Moore’s humility and genuine character make him an admirable candidate. For all these reasons and more, it is my honor to nominate Michael J. Moore for the esteemed 2019 Rodli Award.