NCIA Webinar: Running an Efficient CI Furniture and Upholstery Shop
Wednesday, January 29, 2020 - 1:00pm EST

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Over 85% of CIs across the nation run furniture and upholstery operations, making these shops a staple of the overall CI product mix.  Join Missouri Vocational Enterprises (MVE) and Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) as they walk you through their operations reviewing their production process, markets and training programs.


MVE will review the following:

  • The history of their furniture and upholstery shop, as well as provide a current snapshot of operations

  • How they organize all paperwork and tracking systems to be more efficient and accurate

  • Highlight their re-upholstery, furniture repair and other niche operations within the shop

  • How they select equipment and shop layout to increase production and quality

  • Provide an overview of vendor training programs provided for the incarcerated individuals working in their shop


OCE will review the following:

  • An overview of their furniture operations focusing on dorm furniture

  • How their production and quality control process helps them operate at maximum efficiency and provide for excellent customer service

  • Highlight how their unique marketing strategy in the furniture line has given OCE access to other markets and customers

  • Feature the certifications and training they offer to incarcerated individuals



Eddie Sherman, Factory Manager II, MVE Component Chair Factory

Kevin Marshall, Factory Manager I, MVE Component Chair Factory

Joe Billera, Marketing Assistant, Oregon Corrections Enterprises

Brad Prather, Production Manager, Oregon Corrections Enterprises

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  • Train more staff – Use a conference room to train as many employees as you want! 

  • It's economical – NCIA charges per internet connection, not per participant. That means a better value the more employees you train! 

  • Webinars are interactive – Ask questions and get answers from leaders in your field. 


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