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Tuesday, April 30th and Wednesday, May 1st, 2024 

Learn from the best at NCIA's 2024 conference workshops! 

Check for the latest dates and times. Subject to change. 

  • Streamlining the Digital Footprint for your CI

  • Innovative Products and Services

  • Richness of Reentry: Correctional Industries and Education Partnering to Prepare Tomorrow’s Workforce

  • Learn from the Master - Can't Miss Tips on Teaching Offenders Successful Reentry and Job Placement

  • The Benefits of Modular Manufacturing in Correctional Industries

  • Reentry and the Incarcerated Worker—Engaging Employers Pre-Release

  • Preparing Ohio's Untapped Workforce

  • Case Study: Maximizing Your Customer Service Strategy to a Multi-Million Dollar Partnership

  • Investing in our Future with Welding Excellence

  • Reentry Resources: Investing in Worker Success During and After Incarceration

  • Entry to Employment Network—Helping Incarcerated Individuals Secure a Job

  • Validation and Commitment Strategies to Motivate and Engage Your Workforce

  • Leadership Training—The Train is Moving, but Who is Driving?

  • Idaho Correctional Industries Agriculture Program—10 Years of Growing Idaho

  • Upholstery—Seizing New Opportunities

  • Civil Service Hiring Events—How Incarcerated Individuals Find State Jobs Before Leaving Prison

  • Keys to Succeed—Reentry Perspectives from Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

  • Career Development Theory and Correctional Industries

  • Staff Wellness—Your Well Being Should not Come Second!

  • Auditing within Correctional Industries

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