Tuesday, Sept. 28 and Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2021 

Learn from the best at NCIA's 2021
conference workshops!                     


Workshops will include the following and more! Check nationalcia.org for the latest dates and times. Subject to change. 

  • Associated Quarterly Assessments

  • Bias, Diversity, & Inclusion in CI

  • Benefits of Developing an Incentive Pay Program for CI Workers

  • Benefits of Engineering Standards in a Production Environment

  • The Certainty of Change

  • Creating a Space for Meaningful Change: Organizational
    Culture, Social Support, and Mature Coping

  • Construction Apprenticeship Opportunities and Reentry

  • Affordable House Building Program

  • Correctional Industries’ Positive Impact - Community Outreach

  • The Future of Furniture in CI

  • Investing in the Mission of CI Staff: Moving Away from
    Training and Toward Professional Development

  • Management in the Changing Work Culture

  • Non-Verbal Communication

  • Seeking 3rd Party Certifications For Your CI Products

  • Striving to Thrive Partnership through the Pandemic 

  • Successful and Innovative Approaches to Reentry
    and Workforce Training

  • TRICOR Transformational Training