Hughes Garment Factory, Mountain View Braille Facility and Strive Women’s Reentry Center


Thursday, April 9, 2020 | 7:00am - 2:30pm

Hosted by Texas Correctional Industries

Hughes Garment Factory
The Hughes Garment Factory produces jackets, socks, windbreakers, elastic, and stage curtains. The factory provides incarcerated individuals with several training programs to include on-the-job training for sewing machine operators, sewing machine mechanics, furniture assembler, stage curtain installer, and accounting clerks. Hughes Garment produces approximately $1.4 million in departmental sales and $190,000 in outside sales annually. 

Mountain View Braille Facility 
The Mountain View Braille facility has operated for 19 years. Approximately 100 female CI workers transcribe braille and produce tactile on average of 170,000 pages annually. The braille program offers courses in literary, tactile, textbook formatting and math. Participants can receive certifications from the Library of Congress, the National Blindness Professional Certification Board and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. This nationally recognized program is one of the largest braille programs in the United States. You will observe highly skilled incarcerated individuals operating laser engravers, thermoform machines, embossing machines and Braille 2000 software while producing tactile graphics in collage and Corel.

Strength Through Restoration, Independence, Vision and Empowerment (STRIVE) Women’s Reentry Center
The STRIVE program’s goal is to prepare female incarcerated individuals for successful reentry 12 weeks prior to their release. The program is a collaboration between the Rehabilitation Programs Division, Correctional Institutions Division, Parole, Reentry and Integration and Windham School District, and serves a capacity of 34 beds with potential for growth. The program offers Gender Responsive Trauma-Informed Programming to address issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, childhood and adult trauma, gender socialization, parenting, substance abuse and developing a personal self-care plan. 

The center’s education component includes Career Readiness modules such as goal setting, soft skills/employability skills, basic computer skills, professional attire and hygiene, public speaking/communication skills, wellness to include financial literacy, a parenting short course, a drug module, and interview preparation/mock interviews. Additionally, workers have access to a job kiosk for employment searches. Volunteers lead faith-based programming and substance abuse programming, and reentry components include employment career fairs, employer presentations and family days. 

FCI - Bastrop

Thursday, April 9, 2020 | 7:00am - 12:30pm

Hosted by Federal Prison Industries/UNICOR

The hub for FPI’s delivery services, UNICOR at Bastrop handles all production planning, research and development, and vehicle maintenance for UNICOR fleet operations. The facility has both a satellite camp operation and a 60,000 sq. ft. factory where up to 50 vehicles can be retrofitted at the same time for federal law enforcement. The factory also houses a paint and body repair shop, a bed liner area, a graphics shop and a metal fabrication department. 

Customers can order over 40 types of vehicles, with any one of them built in over 20 different ways. UNICOR at Bastrop also offers its workers training classes, including Wire Technician, Auto Tinting, PPG Paint Application, SAP, EPA Section 609 (MVAC), Quality Assurance Apprenticeship, AWS Sense Welding, Willamette Valley Bed Liner, and Forklift.

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