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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Awards Banquet Reception   6:45 PM – 7:30 PM

Awards Banquet   7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Every year, NCIA makes a special effort to acknowledge individuals whose extraordinary skill and leadership in their respective programs improve Correctional Industries as a whole.  Join your fellow CI professionals in recognizing the 2023 award winners for all their hard work and celebrating their achievements at the NCIA Awards Banquet. 

Rodli Award Recipient:

Danielle Armbruster (WA)

Performance Excellence Award:

Wisconsin Bureau of Correctional Enterprises


National Staff Award Recipient:

Sandi Roark (IN)


Staff Award Regional Recipients:

Western Region: Reynaldo Holguin (AZ) 

Central Region: Sandi Roark (IN)

Northeast Region: Christine Russell (MA)

Southeast Region: Leonard Federico (FL)

South Central Region: Kenny Juneau (LA)


Honor Roll Recipients:


Paula Lemke (WI)

Kalen Miles (UNICOR)

Sandi Roark (IN) 

Bruce Sears (OH) 


South Central:

Jessica Ball (NE)

Bill Hartwick (AR)

Jeff Henry (UNICOR)

Kenny Juneau (LA) 

Lisa McClane (TX)


Jeff Bolt (UNICOR)

Stephen Compton (MD)

Michele Rossi (RI)

Christine Russell (MA) 


Sherman Collins (NC)

Leonard Federico (FL) 

Deborah Krise (TN)

Robert Lachney (AL)

Joe Langston (GA)

David Reed (UNICOR)

Samantha Singleton (VA)



Reynaldo Holguin (AZ) 

Scott Jensen (UT)

Joan Pratt (MT)

Brad Smith (CA)

Joseph Spicer (OR)

Carrie Thorson (UNICOR)

Janet Whisman (WA)

Jeff Zins (ND)

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