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DeMotte Company Looks to Upskill Indiana's Inmates

Gold Standard Truss is partnering with the Indiana Department of Correction to give incarcerated individuals at Westville Correctional Facility a unique opportunity. A plant built inside the prison's walls is designed to allow incarcerated individuals to learn manufacturing skills and potentially earn a job opportunity after release. "They'll be learning how to build walls, build roof trusses and build floor trusses," said Brent Kaper with Gold Standard Truss. "We also intend to kind of expand that training program to framing carpentry itself, so actually how to then install what they've built and how to stand them up in the field, put them all together and build a house." The nearly $1.5 million investment turned the once-empty building on the prison grounds into a first-rate manufacturing facility about the size of a football field that will employ about 30 inmates beginning next month. 



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