Best Practices Webinar Series – Security Practices, Measures and Protocols for your CI

NCIA Best Practices Webinar Series – Security Practices, Measures and Protocols for your CI

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 – 1:00 PM EDT

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Correctional Industries must run efficient operations, but also have to make security a top priority.  This Webinar will provide the practices, measures and protocols necessary to ensure safe and secure shops and outside work crews while also showing how to build and strengthen your relationship with your DOC though the use of security best practices.  The presenters are both security experts with Washington DOC and the Webinar will highlight the DOC staff position that serves as both a resource and bridge for both facility security and CI staff.

Webinar topics include:

  • How Washington State CI & DOC work together to establish, develop and maintain secure shops and work programs within CI
  • Developing and maintaining proper communication channels with regards to security between CI and DOC
  • Practices, measures and protocols for CI shops and work programs (accountability, cameras/shop layout, tool control, worker behavior management, planning new construction or equipment placement, contraband control) … as well as CI off-site work programs
  • Use of site audits and quarterly Security Threat Group (STG) reporting … as well as other meetings/reporting to further develop a strong security relationship between DOC and CI

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Meet the Presenters:

Wayne Armbruster is the Offender Work Program-Security Manager for Washington DOC and has statewide responsibility with security oversight of all CI Work Program areas, CI Offsite Program areas and CI Offsite Crew operations. Armbruster started his corrections career in 1995 with the Arizona Department of Corrections as a custody officer and continued that service with Washington DOC through 2001. In 2001 he took a position with CI where he served for the next 13 years and worked his way up to Site Manager in 2013. In 2014 Armbruster transferred to DOC-HQ where he assumed his current position.

Charlotte Headley is the Chief of Security for Washington DOC where she currently oversees the Statewide Security Advisory Committee, security management policy development and works closely with facility Captains in 12 prisons to ensure safe prisons in Washington State. She has worked in multiple Washington prisons over the last 19 years and focuses her energy on the development of sound security management practices and safe prisons operations. Headley has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Central Washington University.

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